Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation Pest Control Operation - Spring 2020

Hemi Matenga Memorial Park Scenic Reserve has been completed for this season

We have received the following notice from The Department of Conservation

This is to inform you that pest control work within Hemi Matenga Memorial Park Scenic Reserve has been completed for this season, with possums and rats being controlled with toxic bait (cereal pellets containing cholecalciferol 8g/kg) late September to provide protection for new plant growth, chicks and fledgling birds against mammalian browsers and predators.

Any bait containing cholecalciferol that had not been eaten by possums and rats was removed from bait stations by 16th October 2020, and since that time a caution period has been active across the reserve, which allows for the natural breakdown of any toxic residues within carcasses and soil. The caution period expires on 16th January 2021, at which time all warning signs will be removed from entrances. Please assume toxins are present until this date.   

Monitoring of possums and rats during December yielded very encouraging results following the operation, with rat abundance down well below our target levels set for the operation for the first time since 2007. This was a very welcome result after several years of trialling changes to the operation and an increase in rat numbers due to recent mega-masting of native tree species. Possum control also achieved the target levels set to ensure longevity of the kohekohe canopy coverage and health.  


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