Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation Pest Control Operation - Spring 2021

We have received the following notice from The Department of Conservation

9 September 2021

As part of pest control operations to protect native forest, possum and rat control is planned within the sites listed, click on the Key Facts packs below, throughout September and October this year. Weather dependent, bait will be placed in bait stations during late September 2021. Prefeeding with non-toxic bait will begin within the next two weeks. Due to restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, this work has been delayed, so we are keen to get this started now fieldwork under Level 2 lockdown has been approved, which will still allow for timely protection of nesting birds.


The toxin used will be cholecalciferol – vitamin D3 at a concentration toxic to possums. DECAL (cholecalciferol 8 g/kg) cereal pellets will be placed inside bait stations that are secured to trees at chest height. The work will involve 4 rounds of servicing. All uneaten bait will be removed at the end of the operation. Work in all sites is estimated to be completed by early November 2021.


Cholecalciferol (8 g/kg) is poisonous to humans and domestic animals, especially dogs. Warning signs will be placed at the entrance to the covenant. Please assume that pesticides are always present in the bait stations and do not eat animals from within this area while these warning signs are present.


For more information on this control programme please refer to the enclosed fact sheet. Updates can also be found via the ‘Pesticide summaries interactive map’ at and navigating to the reserve.