Kennel Cough - case

We have been contacted by one of our owners in our Tuesday night classes.The owner informs us that their dog received veterinary attention on Tues 9 March  with suspected kennel cough this was confirmed by the vet the following day.The owner has been very responsible and did not attend class on the 9 March, they were at classes previous week (Tues 2 March) and the dog was not displaying any symptoms of kennel cough. The owners are following veterinary advice and the dog will be kept at home for the next couple of weeks.We thank the owner for being thoughtful and considerate, and wish their dog a full and speedy recovery.

Kennel Cough  

Kennel cough is much like the human common cold. Issues can arise in puppies, older dogs and those with other health issues.

It spreads easily through contact via other dogs and places they frequent - parks, beaches, lakes, doggy day care, kennels, shows and training groups.Canine cough injections help reduce the severity of the disease but not all agents that cause the illness are included in the available vaccines.

Symptoms include coughing, sneezing and sniffing. Symptoms can be a little deceiving so any hacking cough should be checked out by a vet

It can take between 3 - 10 days from exposure to the first signs your dog may show of having this and infected dogs may continue the spread for an extended time even after they have recovered. 

If your dog shows signs of a cough

  • Keep them isolated from other dogs
  • Give them their own water bowl
  • Wash food bowls
  • Wash hands
  • Keep them calm and quiet - with no vigorous exercise which may exacerbate the cough.When contacting your vet, make them aware that your dog has been coughing follow their advice to prevent spreading kennel cough to other dogs.

Kennel cough is a normal occurrence in NZ and is not transmittable to humans.

With all matters reagrding your dogs health we recommend maintaining vigilance and seeking your vets advice