Kapiti Dog Training Club is a non-profit organisation. We have operated for over 40 years at our current location, providing essential support for the Kapiti community. 

Our income is provided from class fees, donations, fund raising, community grants and membership fees.

We are a club, not a business. Our club executive, committee members and all our instructors are unpaid volunteers, they give their time freely for the benefit of the club and our community.

Our club structure is made up of domestic (pet) and competitive obedience dog owners.

The common bond is that we all love and enjoy our dogs. We care about their wellbeing and we enjoy the companionship dog ownership provides. We all spend money on dog treats and toys - we all enjoy sharing our experience with likeminded people.


Club membership brings you many advantages, these include:

  • Meeting new people and sharing a common interest
  • Guidance and support to assist you and to make your dog ownership more enjoyable
  • You have the opportunity to become a member of Dogs New Zealand
  • The opportunity to become involved in the club and become a trained instructor if you wish
  • Enabling you to use the facilities and classes to train your dog.
  • Most of all, membership provides enjoyable fellowship with other dog owners and trainers who enjoy their relationship with man’s best friend the dog.


                                                                         Membership is $20.00 per person


                                                                                   $25.00 per household.

Only the primary member will have voting rights.

KDTC financial year is from 1 July - 1 June. 

Membership is renewable annually on the 30th of June.


                                                             Click here to go to the Membership Registration online page. 

There are many roles to fill within a club, often we have new trainees in our Domestic Classes who are learning to be instructors. A club is only as successful as its members. Please make it known if you would like to join in or help in some way.