About Training

My partner and I both want to take part in training classes with our dog, can we do this?

This is not an uncommon request, it's a great idea as long as everyone training the dog is on the same page

There are two ways to do this. 
First option - One of you takes part in the group, the other watches form a suitable distance and you can remain like this for the duration of the term.
Second option - One of you trains the dog in the group one week while the other one watches from a suitable distance.
The next week you swap roles. This way you can both work with the dog under the guidance of our trainer, and both of you get some hands-on class experience.
This is also useful if one of you is unable to come one week the other can easily take their place.
We don't recommend swapping roles during the actual session as this can confuse the dog and our trainers.
You will both need to have a valid vaccine pass that has been sighted by the club, and make sure we have the names of all handlers on our class sheets. 
If you have more than one handler attending classes with your dog please let us know prior to the start of term, or in the comments section during your enrolment process

Can my child come to dog training, the dog is for them?

Whilst we fully understand that all members of the family should be involved in the dogs training, it is one of our rules that handlers at our domestic classes must be at least 16 years of age.

Your children are more than welcome to come and watch the training session they must remain at the side line and near the perimeter fences. They must not distract training. Please ensure all children are supervised, no climbing trees or running around distracting dogs in training.
All spectators over the  age of 12 years  3 months are required to have a valid vaccine pass and be prepared to show it to a club official 

For under 16s we have a dedicated Junior Handlers class that is held on Wednesday evenings during Term 1 and Term 4 

My puppy is 10 weeks old. Can he come to puppy class?

10 weeks is too young for our puppy class. Puppies in our classes need to be a minimum of 13 weeks and have had at least 2 vaccinations.
Pup needs to be vaccinated to come onto club grounds or is at risk of picking up nasties and getting sick.  
Ask your vet, a lot of them do puppy school in a safe/sterile environment in preparation for coming to a dog club.

Can I bring two dogs to training?

We have a strict one handler one dog policy. 
If you would like to bring more than one dog to training you must either place one dog in the 6.30pm classes and the other in the 7.30pm classes.
Alternatively you will need to find handlers for the additional dogs. Please note even if your dogs are the same age we are unlikey to place them in the same class groups. This is because each dog needs its own time and space to learn, like humans dogs learn at different paces and stages. By having the dogs in separate groups it also shows them that when they come to class they come to train and not play. This also makes it easier on the dog, the handler, the instructors and the other handlers and dogs in the group.
Another option is to bring one dog to training for one term and the other dog to training the following term.

Do you hold training classes any other evening apart from Tuesday?

Unnfortuantly we are only able to hold adult domestic training classes on Tuesday evenings at the present time.

Do you do private lessons?

Unfortuantly at the present time we are unable to offer private one to one lessons

What if training is postponed?

Should we need to postpone training we will text and email you around 3pm on the Tueday afternoon. We will also post on our Facebook page.
We usually re schedule the classes for the following night, a Wednesday.

I cant attend training, who can I let know?

If you are unable to attend training classes we would appreciate it if you could let us know via email - kapitidogtrainingclub@outlook.com or text us on 027 298 2057.

My bitch is in heat can we still attend training?

Unfortuantly bitches in season are not allowed on the training grounds. However, handlers are very welcome to attend classes, so they can still work on the exercises at home. The duration of a breeding seasonis around three weeks.

I have an anxious dog can I still attend training?

If your dog is anxious it's probaly best to email us so we can discuss options and place you in the right class for your dogs needs. It's likey we will suggest you place a yellow ribbon on your dogs lead so others know to give you space. We will assess your dog over a couple of weeks, if we feel that we are unable to give your dog the help and assistance they need we can highly recommend some excellent dog behaviourists