Our Club

Welcome to Kapiti Dog Training Club. Officially we started as the Kapi-Mana club in Paekakariki, but we have been based at our current grounds in Otaihanga, Paraparaumu since the late 1970’s.  

Our club executive, the committee members and all our instructors are unpaid volunteers, they give their time freely for the benefit of the club.

Each year we host an Obedience Championship show and two Canine Good Citizen assessments. This is as well as our five terms of Domestic Training and our monthly Scent Work practice.

You are welcome to come and have a go at any of these events. It’s all about having some fun with your dog, learning as you go and meeting some new people.

KDTC financial year is from 1 July - 1 June. 

Membership is renewable annually on the 30th of June.


Our Core Values

Positive Reinforcement Training.

Kapiti Dog Training Club uses Positive Reinforcement methods to train dogs. We believe in strong relationships between dogs and their owners, these are based on cooperation and kindness – as opposed to older methods utilising human dominance and animal submission.

Reward-based training is done by using things like food and play to reward the dog for a desired behaviour.  If the value of the treat reward is high ($50-$100/hour level training treats) then response to a desired behaviour increases and the frequency for that behaviour also increases.

Initially you will be rewarding and verbally encouraging your dog many times. As you move through the grades you will learn how to phase out the food and start using real life rewards (praise, play, walk, etc.).

To work with not against
We do not discriminate against breed or type, all dogs and handlers are welcome provided they do not intimidate, threaten or jeopardise the safety of others attending our classes. Any dog that is required by the Kapiti Coast District Council to wear a muzzle must also do so at our training nights.

You are encouraged to join and become a member of our club; you and your dog are welcome, you will be able to participate in the many fun activities we offer.

There are many roles to fill within a club, often we have new trainees in our Domestic Classes who are learning to be instructors. A club is only as successful as its members. Please make it known if you would like to join in or help in some way.