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Department of Conservation Pest Control Operation - Spring 2020

Hemi Matenga Memeorial Park Scenic Reserve Waikanae - Deployment of cereal pellets comtaining chloecalciferol will begin on THURSDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2020.

We have received the following notice from The Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation's Kapiti/Wellington Office will shortly resume possum and rodent control in Hemi Matenga Memorial Park Scenic Reserve and in Paraparaumu Scenic Reserve.

Bait Stations, containing the pesticide Cholecalciferol in a cereal form, will be placed during mid spring 2020.

Warning signs will be present with the reserve at points of public entry

Cholecalciferol is poisonous to humans and domestic animals especially CATS and DOGS

The removal of signs will tell you that you can resume normal activites in the area. If in doubt, check with the Kapiti /Wellington Office.

There is no health risk in using these baits in these areas if the following rules below are observed:

  • DO NOT handle any bait
  • DO NOT allow CHILDREN to wander unsupervised
  • DO NOT bring DOGS into this area
  • DO NOT handle or eat ANIMALS from this area

For more information https://www.doc.govt.nz/nature/pests-and-threats/pesticide-summaries

Hemi Matenga Memeorial Park Scenic Reserve

Pesticide Treatment Area

Paraparaumu Scenic Reserve

Pesticide Treatment Area