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enroling and login for member profiles

  • Forgotten password
  • Enrolling
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Confirmed place in a class
  • Waitlists
  • Enrolled  - what happens next
  • Late enrolment
  • Enrolled but circumstances changed
  • Lost invoice
  • We did vet puppy school
  • Older dog needs refresher training
  • My dog already knows commands
  • Can I reserve a place in classes
  • Does my dog need to be registered to attend classes?

About training

  • Two handlers one dog
  • Children training the dog
  • Puppy under 13 weeks
  • Bringing 2 dogs to training
  • Is Tuesday the only training night
  • Private lessons
  • Training postponed
  • I can't come to training
  • Bitch in season
  • Anxious dog

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