Our Club provides the following classes:

Classes run for approximately 45 minutes, starting at 6.30pm. Terms 1,2, and 3 will be 10 week terms. term 4 will be an 8 week term.

All handlers must be over 16 years old for our domestic classes on a Tuesday.

We have a dedicated Junior Handler Class on a Wednesday night. See the Junior Handlers class details further down the page.


For puppies aged 13 weeks to 6 months. The class includes methods for teaching the basic commands, such as sit, down, leave, watch, collar, wait, recall on lead, some loose leash walking, owner performs grooming checks, these are taught at a level appropriate to the age and attention span of the youngsters.

New Entrants

This class is structured around dogs 6 months of age and older, with little or no previous training. Some dogs may be years old and have come with unknown background. Some will be testing the boundaries of their owners, some may have behaviour issues, and some just need a general refresher. The aim is to provide owners with good foundation skills and training methods along with some guidance to get the basics right. New Entrants is the starting point for all new adult dogs.

Grade 1 (Puppy or New Entrant pass is a pre-requisite)

This class builds on the previous classes and adds precision to the exercises. There are a set number of exercises such as long line lead recall, leave, stand, temperament test, meet and greet, loose lead walking, tied separation, sit stays, down stays

Grade 2 (Grade 1 pass is a pre-requisite) 

Owners work on a variety of exercises such as walking on a lead, accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for patted by a friendly stranger, supervised separation with owner out of sight, controlled walking past other dogs, downing your dog, longer recalls and stays.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) (Grade 2 pass is a pre-requisite)

Canine Good Citizen™ is a Dogs New Zealand certification programme that tests dogs in simulated everyday situations. It identifies and rewards dogs that have the training and demeanour to be reliable family members as well as good-standing community members. It is open to all dogs and owners. Canine Good Citizen™ training is fun and useful. It does not require that you and your dog perform with the absolute precision required for Obedience Trials, it focuses on your dog's manners and obedience during typical daily life at home, in the community and in the presence of other dogs. CGC training and classes are ongoing, Dogs are progressively assessed through five levels; Basic, Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. As each level is passed your achievement is logged with Dogs NZ. For more information on CGC refer to the Dogs New Zealand website CGC training is held on Tuesday evenings. Talk to your instructor if you are interested in trying Canine Good Citizen. Handlers must be 12 years and over. Dogs must be over 12 months of age

Competitive Obedience for Beginners (one on one training)

Obedience as a competitive sport can be compared to the equestrian sport of
dressage, with an emphasis on precision, responsiveness, and versatility. The
extensive range of skills required provides plenty of variety and challenge for both
dog and handler. Dogs perform a series of set exercises, including heelwork, recalls,
retrieving, scent work, stays, and distance work. The difficulty, length, and
complexity of the exercises increases at each of the five levels of competition.

As well as competing for placings, a variety of awards and titles can be earned by
Obedience dogs. This is a Dogs NZ recognised sport.

Modern training methods for Obedience are based on rewards and enjoyment, not
force or coercion. While points are not awarded for style or eagerness, a good
competitive dog should be keen to work, full of confidence, quick and responsive,
and obviously having fun!
This sport requires you to have a firm commitment to training to get the best results.
The dogs love it and the handler learns a great deal about everything to do with dogs which can be very addictive.

Scent Work (Grade 1 pass is a pre-requisite) Please note this class is a 5 week course only, this class is run only in terms 1 and 4

Scent Work is run under Central Search Dogs (Wellington) guidelines. Training and support are available to anyone wanting to learn how to teach their dog to locate and indicate on a specific scent. Typically esential oils are used in very low concentration. Dogs are taught to indicate when traces of these scents are detected. This is a new dog sport that’s gaining momentum throughout the country. It’s great for any dog and handler because its just you and your dog working together to find the scent that has been hidden in an undisclosed location. To do Scentwork, a reasonable level of focus is required. Training is held via Central Search Dogs at varying locations on the first Sunday of the month, with practice days at our club grounds on the on Tuesdays during Term 1 and 4, this class runs for 5 weeks of term only. For more information about Central Search Dogs; please refer to their Facebook page  

Ask our instructors on training nights if you are interested in trying scent work

Junior Handler Class  Please note this class is a 6 week course only, this class is run only in terms 1 and 4

For children under the age of 16 years. This class is held on a Wednesday during Terms 1 and 4, at 6.30 for approximately 1/2 hour. We will be doing lots of fun things to do with your dog. Sessions will include basic obedience, tricks and some basic agility. Dogs must be assessed for suitability before acceptance into Kids Class. Children must be accompanied by an adult for the session.  Maximum class number 10

Kids Class includes games with some high energy play activity. For safety reasons we must assess all enrollments for suitability before attending this class. Please do not be offended if we decline your application for safety reasons, our top priority is to ensure every child and dog attending has fun and remains safe.

In cases of non-acceptance, a full refund will be issued and following initial correspondence no further communications will be entered into.